Foreign Legion

Foreign legion or Foreign Legion is a title which has been used by a small number of military units composed of foreign volunteers.

It usually refers to the French Foreign Legion, part of the French Army, established in 1831.

It can also refer to:

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Famous quotes containing the words foreign and/or legion:

    the young men who watch us from the curbs:
    They hold the glaze of wonder in their stare
    Our crooked backs, hands fetid as old herbs,
    The tallow eyes, wax face, the foreign hair!
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    I am sometimes told that “Women aint fit to vote. Why, don’t you know that a woman had seven devils in her: and do you suppose a woman is fit to rule the nation?” Seven devils aint no account; a man had a legion in him.
    Sojourner Truth (c. 1797–1883)