Forde as a surname may refer to:

  • Brinsley Forde (born 1952), Guyanan actor and musician
  • David Forde (soccer) (born 1979), Irish football player
  • Eugenie Forde (1879–1940), American silent film actress
  • Evan Forde (born 1952), American oceanographer
  • Florrie Forde (1876–1940), Australian singer and entertainer
  • Frank Forde (1890–1983), Australian Prime Minister
  • Gerhard Forde (1927–2005), American Lutheran Theologian
  • Jewel Forde, Barbadian television presenter
  • Leneen Forde, Canadian-born solicitor, university chancellor and Governor of Queensland, Australia
  • Liam Forde, alias of Séamas Ó Maoiléoin (aka James Malone) (1891–1958), Irish revolutionary spy
  • Mattie Forde, Irish Gaelic footballer
  • Mike Forde, (born 1955) NYC District Council of Carpenters Executive Secretary Treasurer
  • Pat Forde, American sportswriter
  • Shawna Forde (born 1967), American anti-illegal immigration activist charged with murder in 2009
  • Sheri Forde, Canadian sports reporter
  • Victoria Forde (1896–1964), American silent film actress

Forde may also refer to:

  • Forde Abbey, Dorset, England
  • Forde Inquiry, 1999 report on child abuse presented to the government of Queensland, Australia
  • Forde, Australian Capital Territory, suburb in Canberra, Australia
  • Division of Forde, Electoral Division in Queensland, Australia
  • Forde Ministry, thirty-second Australian Commonwealth ministry, 6–13 July 1945
  • Seaforde, a village in County Down, Northern Ireland (named for a family called Forde)