Footpath - Types of Footpaths

Types of Footpaths

Footpaths can be located in many settings for varied uses and experiences. As a few examples, these can include:

  • parks: for means of convenient, recreational, and aesthetic, movement in and through public spaces, urban parks, neighborhood parks, linear parks, botanic gardens, and regional parks.
  • in gardens and designed landscapes: in private gardens, at school, university and business park campuses; and at park visitors centers as natural history interpretive nature trails in designed wildlife gardens.
  • in sculpture gardens and open air museums, as sculpture trails and historic interpretive trails.
  • in a wilderness setting, such as a day-trail or long-distance trail within a protected nature reserve, such as a national park, from a trailhead.
  • as jogging paths, horse trails, and mountain biking routes; and
  • as disability handicapped and wheelchair accessible paths meeting ADA specifications in sensory gardens and all the above settings.

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