Fly Away Home - Cast


As appearing in screen credits (main roles identified, Listed in order of screen credits:)

Actor Role
Jeff Daniels Thomas "Tom" Alden
Anna Paquin Amy Alden
Dana Delany Susan Barnes
Terry Kinney David Alden
Holter Graham Barry Stickland
Jeremy Ratchford Glen Seifert
Deborah Verginella Amy's Mother
Michael J. Reynolds General
David Hemblen Dr. Killian
Ken James Developer
Nora Ballard Jackie
Sarena Paton Laura
Carmen Lishman Older Girl
Christi Hill Older Girl
Judith Orban Teacher
Jeff Braunstein Chairman
John Friesen Smalltown Businessman
Chris Benson Farmer
Kevin Jubinville M.P.
Philip Akin Air Force Reporter
Gladys O'Connor Farm Woman
Geoff McBride Clerk

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