Flexible may refer to:

  • Flexible electrical cable, also known as a power cord
  • Flexible electronics
  • Flexible response
  • Flexible mold
  • Flextime
  • Flexible-fuel vehicle
  • Flexible rake receiver
  • Flexible spending account, a tax-advantaged savings account
  • Flexible single master operation
  • Flexible baton round
  • Flexible AC transmission system
  • Semi-flexible rod polymer
  • The Flxible Company (originally the Flexible Sidecar Co.)
  • Flexible identity, in non-associative algebras, for example alternative algebras

Famous quotes containing the word flexible:

    Freedom is the essence of this faith. It has for its object simply to make men good and wise. Its institutions then should be as flexible as the wants of men. That form out of which the life and suitableness have departed should be as worthless in its eyes as the dead leaves that are falling around us.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    It is safest to be moderately base—to be flexible in shame, and to be always ready for what is generous, good and just, when anything is to be gained by virtue.
    Sydney Smith (1771–1845)