Fishman may refer to:

  • a merman or similar piscine humanoid
  • Fishman (wrestler), the stage name of luchador José Nájera
  • Fishman (The Legend of Zelda), a character in the Zelda video game The Wind Waker
  • Fish-man, of Spanish mythology
  • Fishmans, a Japanese dub band
  • Fishmen, a race in the anime and manga series One Piece

Fishman is a surname adopted by an ashkenazi jewish community. Members include:

  • Chuck Fishman, a fictional character from the American TV series Early Edition
  • Hal Fishman (1932-2007), an American newsman, based in Los Angeles, who has been the longest-running news anchor in the history of television
  • Jay S. Fishman, an American manager
  • Jon Fishman, musician
  • Joshua Aaron Fishman, American linguist
  • Steven Fishman, ex-Scientologist, author of the Fishman Affidavit
  • William J. Fishman, the author of several books about the history of the East End of London
  • Mosess Fishman (1916-2007), veteran of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and leader of the organization for many years.
  • Michael Fishman, American actor