Fisher - Other


  • the Fisher meteorite of 1894, which landed in Minnesota, United States (see meteorite falls)
  • Max M. Fisher College of Business (also known as 'Fisher College'), a unit of The Ohio State University
  • Fisher Athletic F.C., defunct football club in England
  • Fisher Electronics, a Sanyo subsidiary producing low-cost hi-fi equipment
  • Fisher F.C., football club based in England
  • Fisher Site, archaeological site in the USA
  • Fisher Farm Site, archaeological site in the USA
  • Fisher's exact test, a statistical significance test
  • Fisher's method, also known as Fisher's combined probability test
  • Sam Fisher (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Elena Fisher, character from the Uncharted video game series
  • Fisher equation, an equation in financial mathematics and economics
  • Fisher transformation, a transformation in statistics used to test some hypotheses
  • Fisher Space Pen Co. (see Space Pen and Paul C. Fisher)

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