Finger Style Guitar

Finger Style Guitar

Finger-Style Guitar is an album by American guitarist Chet Atkins.

Some references to it spell the title Finger–Style.

The original LP consisted of a light rhythm section on the first side and Chet solo on side two.

The four Frank Loesser tunes on the re-release are from the 1956 musical The Most Happy Fella with vocals by Eddy Arnold, all released on an RCA Victor EP. Also included are two duets with Hank Snow and a single released by The Rhythm Rockers. "Blue Echo" was co-written with Boudleaux Bryant, who also co-wrote "How's the World Treating You" and others with Chet. "Blue Echo" was later covered by Lenny Breau on his album Boy Wonder.

Finger-Style Guitar was recorded in one day.

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