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Constant Purchasing Power Accounting - Concepts of Capital Maintenance and The Determination of Profit
... Par 104 The concepts of capital give rise to the following concepts of capital maintenance (a) Financial capital maintenance ... Under this concept a profit is earned only if the financial (or money) amount of the net assets at the end of the period exceeds the financial (or money) amount of net assets ... Financial capital maintenance can be measured in either nominal monetary units or units of constant purchasing power ...
Constant Purchasing Power Accounting - Underlying Assumptions
... Financial capital maintenance in nominal monetary units or Historical cost accounting (see the Framework (1989), Par 104 (a)) ... Financial capital maintenance in units of constant purchasing power or Constant Item Purchasing Power Accounting (see the Framework (1989), Par 104 (a)) ... Stable measuring unit assumption financial capital maintenance in nominal monetary units or traditional Historical cost accounting i.e ...
2003 Mutual Fund Scandal - Timeline
... the Securities and Exchange Commission “announced an enforcement action against Alliance Capital Management L.P ... (Alliance Capital) for defrauding mutual fund investors ... The Commission ordered Alliance Capital to pay $250 million ...

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    In public buildings set aside for the care and maintenance of the goods of the middle ages, a staff of civil service art attendants praise all the dead, irrelevant scribblings and scrawlings that, at best, have only historical interest for idiots and layabouts.
    George Grosz (1893–1959)

    ... aside from the financial aspect, [there] is more: the life of my work. I feel that is all I came into the world for, and have failed dismally if it is not a success.
    Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (1852–1930)

    The great dialectic in our time is not, as anciently and by some still supposed, between capital and labor; it is between economic enterprise and the state.
    John Kenneth Galbraith (b. 1908)