Fielding may refer to:

  • Fielding (cricket), the action of fielders collecting the ball in cricket
  • The action of fielders collecting the ball at any of the nine baseball positions
  • Fielding, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Fielding, Utah, United States
  • Fielding Bradford House
  • Fielding Graduate University, a graduate institution in Santa Barbara, California

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Famous quotes containing the word fielding:

    Thwackum was for doing justice, and leaving mercy to Heaven.
    —Henry Fielding (1707–1754)

    [They] hired a large house as a receptacle for gentlewomen, who either had no fortunes, or so little that it would not support them. For these they made the most comfortable institution [and] provided [them] with all conveniences for rural amusements, a library, musical instruments, and implements for various works.
    —Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)

    Fielding being mentioned, Johnson exclaimed, “he was a blockhead ....” BOSWELL. “Will you not allow, Sir, that he draws very natural pictures of human life?” JOHNSON. “Why, Sir, it is of very low life. Richardson used to say, that had he not known who Fielding was, he should have believed he was an ostler.”
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)