Favor, Favour, (see spelling differences) or Favors, may refer to:

  • Party favor, a small gift given to the guests at a party or wedding reception

People with the surname Favor or Favors:

  • Edward M. Favor (1856-1936), American singer and vaudeville comedian
  • Greg Favors (born 1974), former American football linebacker
  • Joanne Favors, American politician
  • Malachi Favors (1927-2004), American jazz bassist
  • Derrick Favors (born 1991), American basketball player

Famous quotes containing the word favor:

    My case is thrown exclusively upon the independent voters of this county, and if elected they will have conferred a favor upon me, for which I shall be unremitting in my labors to compensate.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    A beautiful person among the Greeks, was thought to betray by this sign some secret favor of the immortal gods; and we can pardon pride, when a woman possesses such a figure that wherever she stands, or moves, or leaves a shadow on the wall, or sits for a portrait to the artist, she confers a favor on the world.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    It was a favor for which to be forever silent to be shown this vision. The earth beneath had become such a flitting thing of lights and shadows as the clouds had been before. It was not merely veiled to me, but it had passed away like the phantom of a shadow, skias onar, and this new platform was gained. As I had climbed above storm and cloud, so by successive days’ journeys I might reach the region of eternal day, beyond the tapering shadow of the earth.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)