Fairmount Line

The Fairmount Line or Dorchester Branch is a line of the MBTA Commuter Rail system in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Except for a short portion in Milton, it lies entirely within Boston, progressing in a southwesterly trajectory, passing through the neighborhoods of Dorchester, Mattapan and Hyde Park. It sees service roughly every half hour during rush hours and approximately every hour at other times, with no night or weekend service. Most trains reverse direction at the south end at Readville, but a few continue onto the Franklin Line or Providence/Stoughton Line. The Fairmount Line itself had only five stations - three plus the two termini, South Station and Readville; however, several more stations will open between 2012 and 2015. The first of these, Talbot Ave, opened on November 12, 2012. Newmarket and Four Corners/Geneva are under construction and will open in 2013, while Blue Hill Avenue has been delayed until at least 2015.

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