Factor 5

Factor 5

Factor 5 GmbH is an independent software and video game developer. The company was originally co-founded by five former Rainbow Arts employees in 1987 in Cologne, Germany, which served as the inspiration behind the studio's name.

In order to have a stronger relationship with Factor 5's North American partners like LucasArts, Factor 5, Inc was established in the US in May 1996 with legal help support from LucasArts, and in late 1996 the core of the development team in Germany was relocated to the North American company headquarters in San Rafael, California. Julian Eggebrecht, one of the five initial co-founders, served as President of Factor 5's US branch.

The US company closed in May 2009, following the closure of Brash Entertainment, with which the company had multiple contracts. The original German company, headed by CEO Achim Mollar, remains active due to its unrelated business policy and operations with the North American company, and is still looking for future projects in the industry.

Factor 5 founders started another company "TouchFactor" to start over again. They still owe F5 employees money, but will never be liable to pay since they declared bankruptcy (after they told their employees that they would be paid).

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