Faber - People With The Surname Faber

People With The Surname Faber

  • Basil Faber (1520–1576), Lutheran theologian
  • Lady Caroline Faber
  • Dave Faber, singer and guitarist of Faber Drive
  • David Faber (author, Holocaust survivor) (born 1926)
  • David Faber (CNBC), market news analyst
  • David Faber (schoolmaster) (born 1961), British schoolmaster, formerly a politician
  • David Faber (printmaker) (born 1950), American master printer
  • Eugeniusz Faber (born 1939), Polish footballer
  • Felix Faber (15th century)
  • François Faber (1887–1915), Luxembourgian cyclist
  • Frederick William Faber (1814–1863), British hymn writer and theologian
  • Geoffrey Faber (1889–1961), British academic, publisher and poet
  • Georg Faber (1877–1966) German mathematician
  • George Stanley Faber (1773–1854), Anglican theologian
  • Giovanni Faber (1574–1629) German papal doctor, botanist, and member of the Accademia dei Lincei sometimes called "Johann Faber"
  • Heike Faber (born 1965), German actress
  • Heinrich Faber (before 1500–1552), German music theorist, composer, and Kantor
  • Jack Faber
  • Jacob Faber (fl. 1516 – c. 1550), French artist and publisher (active in Switzerland), easily confused with:
  • Jacques Lefèvre d'Étaples/Jakob Faber Stapulensis, (c. 1455 – c. 1536), French Renaissance humanist and theologian
  • Jacob Faber of Deventer, (1473 – c. 1517) also a Renaissance humanist
  • Johann Faber (1478–1541), Catholic theologian
  • Johann Augustanus Faber (1470–1531), Swiss theologian,
  • Johann Faber of Heilbronn (1504–1558), controversial Catholic preacher
  • Juan Nicolás Böhl de Faber
  • Julian Faber
  • Klaas Carel Faber (1922-2012), Dutch collaborator with the Nazis
  • Marc Faber (20th century), Swiss economist
  • Mary Faber, American singer, actress, and dancer
  • Matthias Faber
  • Michel Faber (born 1960), Dutch novelist
  • Pamela Faber (born 1950), American/Spanish linguist
  • Patrick Faber (field hockey) (born 1964), Dutch field hockey player
  • Peter Faber (1506–1546), beatified French Jesuit theologian
  • Pierre Faber (born 1978), German rugby union player
  • Red Faber (1888–1976), American pitcher in Major League Baseball
  • Sandra M. Faber (born 1944), professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Urijah Faber (born 1979), American mixed martial arts fighter

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