Expedition - Military and Exploratory Expeditions

Military and Exploratory Expeditions

  • Arctic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition, an expedition to Norway's Svalbard archipelago in 2006 to test equipment for a future Mars mission
  • Austin Expedition of 1854 an expedition undertaken in Western Australia by Robert Austin
  • Benin Expedition of 1897, a British force of 1,200 under Admiral Sir Harry Rawson that captured, burned, and looted the city of Benin
  • Boleslaw I's intervention in the Kievan succession crisis, 1018, a Polish intervention into who would be ruler of Kiev and the state of Kievan Rus'
  • British Expedition to Ceylon, a British expedition took Ceylon, now called Sri Lanka, in 1803, lost it, took it again in 1804 and lost it again
  • British Expedition to Tibet, an invasion of Tibet by British Indian forces in 1903-1904, seeking to prevent Russian influence in Tibetan affairs
  • China Relief Expedition, the United States military term for the rescue of foreign nationals during the Boxer Rebellion
  • DSE-Alpha (Deep Space Expedition Alpha), the name given to the mission planned to take the first space tourists to fly around the moon
  • Expedition of the Thousand, a military campaign in what would become Italy led by general Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1860
  • First Manchu invasion of Korea (First Manchu expedition to Korea), a 1627 expedition of the Manchu Army against Korea
  • Formosan Expedition a punitive expedition launched in 1867 by the United States against Formosa for the massacre of American sailors
  • Indochina Expedition order of battle, battles between China and Japan from 1937 to 1945
  • John's first expedition to Ireland, the 1185 expedition of the future King John of England to Ireland, founding castles and establishing laws
  • Joint Expedition Against Franklin, a planned attack by land and water by the Union during the American Civil War in Franklin, Virginia
  • Kanchenjunga Expedition, a 1905 Himalayan mountaineering expedition up Kanchenjunga, led by Aleister Crowley
  • King Expedition of 1817, an expedition to survey of the northern and north-west coasts of Australia led by Phillip Parker King
  • Pancho Villa Expedition (Mexican Expedition), an operation conducted by the United States Army against Pancho Villa from 1916 to 1917
  • Persian Expedition of 1796, a Russian force sent as a belated gesture of protection after Agha Mohammad Khan ravaged Georgia
  • Powell Geographic Expedition, an 1869 expedition of the American West, including the Colorado River, led by John Wesley Powell
  • Russo-Persian War (1722–1723) (Persian Expedition of 1722), Persian Expedition of 1722), a war between Russia and Persia
  • Saurian Expedition of 1905, a noted paleontological research mission in northern Nevada in the United States
  • Second Manchu invasion of Korea (Second Manchu expedition to Korea), a 1636 expedition of the Manchu Army against Korea
  • Taiwan Expedition of 1874, a punitive Japanese expedition launched in retaliation for the murder of 54 Ryukyuan sailors by Paiwan aborigines
  • United States Antarctic Expedition Medal, a United States award for citizens who explored Antarctica between 1939 and 1945
  • United States expedition to Korea, an 1871 diplomatic expedition that turned into a punitive expedition when Korea fired on American ships
  • 1868 Expedition to Abyssinia, a punitive expedition by the British Empire against the Ethiopian Empire for perceived wrongful imprisonments
  • 1952 Swiss Mount Everest Expedition, opening a new route to the summit.

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