Excel may refer to:

  • Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet application by Microsoft Corporation
  • Excel (gum), a brand of chewing gum produced by Wrigley's
  • Excel (band), a crossover thrash-punk band from Venice, California
  • Excel (Excel Saga), the protagonist in the manga and anime series Excel Saga
  • Excel (festival), a national technical festival conducted by Model Engineering College, Kochi, India

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Famous quotes containing the word excel:

    This we take it is the grand characteristic of our age. By our skill in Mechanism, it has come to pass, that in the management of external things we excel all other ages; while in whatever respects the pure moral nature, in true dignity of soul and character, we are perhaps inferior to most civilised ages.
    Thomas Carlyle (1795–1881)

    All human excellence is but comparative. There may be persons who excel us, as much as we fancy we excel the meanest.
    Samuel Richardson (1689–1761)

    There are portraits and still-lifes
    And the first, because ‘human’
    Does not excel the second,
    Charles Tomlinson (b. 1927)