Evolve may refer to:

  • evolution, incremental change over time
  • Evolve (TV series) on The History Channel
  • Evolve Festival, an annual music and cultural festival held in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Evolve Cars, an after-market manufacturer of sport-parts for Volvo cars
  • Evolve (professional wrestling), an American professional-wrestling promotion
  • Evolve (Endo album), 2001
  • Evolve (Ani DiFranco album), 2003

Famous quotes containing the word evolve:

    Said an ape as he swung by his tail
    To his offspring both female and male,
    “From your children, my dears,
    In a couple of years
    May evolve a professor at Yale.”

    Certain anthropologists hold that man, having discovered tools, ceased to evolve biologically. Animals, never having discovered them, continue to fashion drills out of their beaks, oars out of their hind feet, wings out of their forefeet, suits of armor out of their hides, levers out of their horns, saws out of their teeth. Whether this be true or not, all authorities agree that man is the tool-using animal. It sets him off from the rest of the animal kingdom as drastically as does speech.
    Stuart Chase (1888–1985)

    The perfect detective story cannot be written. The type of mind which can evolve the perfect problem is not the type of mind that can produce the artistic job of writing.
    Raymond Chandler (1888–1959)