Eurasian Economic Community - Aims


EAEC was established for effective promotion of the creation by the Customs Union member states of a Single Economic Space and for coordinating their approaches while integrating into the world economy and the international trade system. One of the Organization's chief activity vectors is ensuring the dynamic evolution of the Community states through coordinating their economic and social reforms while effectively using their economic potentials to improve the living standards of their peoples. Among the principal tasks of the Community are:

  • completing the formalization of a free trade regime in all respects, creating a unified customs tariff and a unified system of nontariff regulation measures;
  • laying down the common rules for trade in goods and services and their access to internal markets;
  • introducing a unified procedure for foreign exchange controls;
  • creating a common unified system of customs regulation;
  • drawing up and implementing joint programs of economic and social development;
  • creating equal conditions for production and entrepreneurial activities;
  • forming a common market for transportation services and a unified transport system;
  • forming a common energy market;
  • creating equal conditions for access by foreign investment to the sides' markets;
  • giving the citizens of the Community states equal rights in receiving education and medical assistance throughout its territory;
  • converging and harmonizing national legislation;
  • ensuring the coordination of the legal systems of the EAEC states with a view to creating a common legal space within the Community.

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