Enter or ENTER may refer to:

  • Enter key, on computer keyboards
  • Enter, Netherlands in the eastern Netherlands
  • Enter (Russian Circles album)
  • Enter (Within Temptation album)
  • Enter, an album by DJ Kentaro
  • Enter (magazine), an American technology magazine for children
  • Enter (Finnish magazine), a Finnish computer magazine
  • Enter (Polish magazine), a Polish computer magazine
  • Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank (ENTER), an Australian school student assessment
  • Enter Air, a Polish airline.

Famous quotes containing the word enter:

    Now we descend into oblivion, or we enter the great book of history.
    Walter Reisch (1903–1963)

    Let us not be too much acquainted. I would have a man enter his house through a hall filled with heroic and sacred sculptures, that he might not want the hint of tranquillity and self-poise.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    I think “taste” is a social concept and not an artistic one. I’m willing to show good taste, if I can, in somebody else’s living room, but our reading life is too short for a writer to be in any way polite. Since his words enter into another’s brain in silence and intimacy, he should be as honest and explicit as we are with ourselves.
    John Updike (b. 1932)