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Oh Internet

DeGrippo eventually became disillusioned with Encyclopædia Dramatica. She had hoped that ED would return back to its roots and focus on LiveJournal drama. On April 14, 2011, the URL encyclopediadramatica.com was redirected to Oh Internet, an "entirely different", safe-for-work website DeGrippo created. DeGrippo stated that "Shock for shock’s sake is old at this point ." Some regular users of Encyclopædia Dramatica were displeased by the change and attacked the website's official Facebook fan page with "hate messages and pornography".

In a question and answer session at the ROFLCon summit in October 2011, DeGrippo was asked why Encyclopædia Dramatica was closed and replaced with Oh Internet. She replied: "We were unable to stop the degradation of the content. It just kept getting longer and longer and dumber and dumber and less and less coherent over time." She also explained why she had not released the site as an archive, saying that she "didn't want to", and postulating that this would have made her personally responsible for any DMCA and privacy violations that it contained. She also stated that hosting Encyclopedia Dramatica caused her to have troubles involving the FBI.

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