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Ryan Cleary hosted a fork of Encyclopædia Dramatica at encyclopediadramatica.ch. Members of this project gathered text and images from Google's web cache and a script was created to upload cached information. On June 21, 2011, Scotland Yard arrested Ryan Cleary based on alleged connections to online attacks on Sony. The arrest temporarily disrupted operation of the wiki, but other members were able to resume Ryan's duties. Garrett E. Moore later became the fork's owner. Moore reported difficulties in securing a host for the website.

On March 19, 2012, encyclopediadramatica.ch was shut down for a short time due to a "DNS block". On March 21, 2012, the site moved to a Swedish domain name, at encyclopediadramatica.se, instead of a domain in Switzerland as before. The site's Facebook account later addressed the block, stating that it was because "we didn't keep up our end of the nic.ch user agreement contract stating that we had to keep a mailing address and phone number in Switzerland."

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