Empson may refer to:

  • Derek Empson GBE KCB (1918–1997), Commander-in-Chief Naval Home Command
  • Richard Empson (died 1510), minister of Henry VII, King of England
  • Tameka Empson (born 1977), British actress (stage and screen) and comedienne
  • William Empson (1906–1984), English literary critic and poet
  • William Empson (lawyer) (1791–1852), barrister, professor and journalist

Famous quotes containing the word empson:

    What could not possible be there,
    And learn a style from a despair.
    —William Empson (1906–1984)

    It is the pain, it is the pain, endures.
    —William Empson (1906–1984)

    It is this deep blankness is the real thing strange.
    The more things happen to you the more you can’t
    Tell or remember even what they were.
    —William Empson (1906–1984)