Emperor Go-Kameyama - Eras of Go-Kameyama's Reign

Eras of Go-Kameyama's Reign

The years of Go-Kameyama's reign are more specifically identified by more than one era name or nengō.

Nanboku-chō southern court
  • Eras as reckoned by legitimate Court (as determined by Meiji rescript)
    • Kōwa (1381–1384)
    • Genchū (1384–1393)
Nanboku-chō northern court
  • Eras as reckoned by pretender Court (as determined by Meiji rescript)
    • Eitoku (1381–1384)
    • Shitoku (1384–1387)
    • Kakei (1387–1389)
    • Kōō (1389–1390)
    • Meitoku (1390–1393)‡
Post-Nanboku-chō reunified court
  • Eras merged as Meitoku 3 replaced Genchū 9 as Go-Kameyama abdicated.
    • Meitoku (1393–1394)‡

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