Emma Spaulding - Maureen Reardon

Maureen Reardon

  • Unnamed actress (02/1998; recurring)
  • Noel & Natalie Chant (07/2000; recurring)
  • Jaycie Megan Cohen (07/2000-12/2000; recurring)
  • Olivia Dicopoulos (10/2007-09/2009)

Maureen Chamberlain Reardon is the daughter of Matthew "Matt" Reardon and Vanessa Chamberlain. She was born on-screen February 2, 1998. She was born via an emergency c-section and she left town with her parents soon after birth. She was named after Vanessa's late friend Maureen Bauer, who was also her grand-aunt, and Matt's aunt. Maureen has two older siblings, maternal half-sister Dinah Marler and maternal half-brother Harlan Billy "Bill" Lewis III. She is said to spent some time in boarding school.

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