Emerald Twilight - Aftermath


Ganthet travels to earth and finds an illustrator named Kyle Rayner (who had been briefly introduced at the end of issue #48 when he saw Hal fly off and mistook his green flight streak for a shooting star). Ganthet gives Kyle the last remaining power ring, thus making Kyle the last Green Lantern. As Parallax, Hal Jordan became a recurring villain in the DC universe.

In "Emerald Fallout", which takes place in issues 18-21 of Guy Gardner: Warrior Guy Gardner receives a vision of the events of Emerald Twilight. Guy, along with Wonder Woman, Alan Scott, and Arisia, Darkstar, Martian Manhunter, Captain Atom and the Ray go to what was left of Oa. He challenges Hal and is defeated when Hal melts his yellow power ring.

The character played a central role during the Zero Hour storyline. Later Hal displays his final act of heroism, sacrificing his life to reignite the Sun at the conclusion of The Final Night storyline. Redeemed in the eyes of many of his fellow heroes, he received a hero's funeral. Not fit either for heaven or hell, Jordan’s soul was destined for purgatory, until he became the newest host for the spirit of God’s vengeance known as The Spectre, at the end of the Day of Judgment limited series.

During the events of Green Lantern: Rebirth. Hal Jordan's murderous actions were revealed to be the result of being under the influence of the fear entity Parallax. Parallax chose Hal at the behest of Sinestro (who was puppeteering a hard-light duplicate of himself in the battery during their battle on Oa.) Jordan is eventually resurrected and returns as a Green Lantern once more as well as resuming his career as a captain within the United States Air Force. His and the Guardians return signify the rebirth of the Green Lantern Corps.

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