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  • Báthory Erzsébet (2012) Hungarian musical-opera by composers György Szomor and Péter Pejtsik, with libretto by Tibor Miklós.
  • Countess Bathory (Bathorycka) is a 1994 opera by the Slovakian composer Ilja Zeljenka, with libretto by Peter Maťo, after Jonáša Záborského.
  • Erzsebet is an opera by French composer Charles Chaynes.
  • The black metal band Murder Rape make reference to Elizabeth Bathory in their song "Mistress Of The Gloomy Nights" from their only album "Evil Shall Burn Inside Me Forever (2001)"
  • A Bestia: Báthory Erzsébet véres legendája (The Beast: The Bloody Legend of Erzsébet Báthory), is a Hungarian rock opera by Béla Szakcsi-Lakatos and Géza Csemer.
  • Báthory Erzsébet, opera (premiered in Budapest, 1913) by Hungarian composer Sándor Szeghő (1874–1956).
  • Erzsébet: Elizabeth Bathory: The Opera, is by Dennis Báthory-Kitsz (he claims he may be related to her)
  • The extreme Metal band Cradle of Filth dedicated their album Cruelty and the Beast (1998) entirely to her, telling her story with a certain degree of artistic license but keeping the main details of her story intact. There are two versions of the album cover, both feature a woman bathed in a tub of blood. References to Elizabeth Bathory occur throughout the band's work.
  • The German band Untoten made a concept album about her, called Die Blutgräfin.
  • French singer Juliette (Nourredine) mentions La Bathory in her song Tueuses from her 1996 album Rimes Féminines along with numerous famous female criminals.
  • Japanese unit GPKISM have written two EP's about Countess Bathory, Barathrum (meaning Hell) and Iudicium (meaning fate, judgement or trial).
  • Russian black metal band Messiya had released an EP dedicated to her called Erzebet in the year 2009.
  • Channeling Of Lady Elizabeth Bathory is live album by multigenre jam band Stefanik, Perny & Kollar feat. Kofi recorded in Višňové village, under Čachtice Castle in 2010.
  • Underground hip-hop artist Killah Priest named his album 'Elizabeth' in reference to her.
  • Music label Erzsebet Records take its name from her.

Songs about Elizabeth Báthory include:

  • Erzsebet: Manu Propria The debut single by The Raveness Black Classical (2012)
  • Countess Bathory by the English black metal band Venom, from their highly influential album Black Metal.
  • Elizabeth is by the American rock band Aiden, from the album Knives.
  • Beauty Through Order is by the American thrash metal band Slayer, from the album World Painted Blood.
  • Channeling Of Lady Elizabeth Bathory is live composition by Slovak experimental band Stefanik, Perny & Kollar feat. Kofi from second album Channeling Of Lady Elizabeth Bathory.
  • Elizabeth is a song by progressive Symphonic Metal band Kamelot composed of three parts – Part I: Mirror Mirror, Part II: Requiem for the Innocent, and Part III: Fall From Grace, from their 2001 album Karma.
  • Elizabeth by Czech gothic rock band XIII Stoleti, from the album Ztraceni v Karpatech (1998)
  • Elisabeth Bathory by Hungarian black metal band Tormentor, which was covered by Swedish black metal band Dissection
  • Elizabeth by Swedish heavy metal band Ghost from their debut album Opus Eponymous
  • Bathory's Sainthood by American hardcore band Boy Sets Fire (2003)
  • Báthory Erzsébet by experimental doom metal band Sunn O))) is a cover of A Fine Day To Die by Bathory
  • Countess Erzsebet Nadasdy by Finnish black metal band Barathrum
  • Villa Vampiria by death metal band God Dethroned
  • Transylvanian Pearl by Russian metal band Nocticula
  • Buried Dreams, the title track from the 1987 album of the same name by the British industrial band Clock DVA, sing-speaks to Elizabeth Báthory in her prison cell after being convicted of her crimes, wondering what she thinks about her past
  • Erzsebet by dance-punk artist Jay Tea (2007)
  • Torquemada 71, by English stoner metal band Electric Wizard, from the album Witchcult Today.
  • The Bleeding Baroness by the metal band Candlemass from their album Death Magic Doom (2009) shows some similarities to Countess Bathory's story
  • Resurrection and Schwarzer Engel by Spanish Gothic metal band Forever Slave tell the story of Erzsebet Bathory.
  • Bathe In Blood by Evile (taken from 2007's Enter the Grave).
  • Rose of Pain from the album Blue Blood by X Japan.
  • The song An Execution, a b-side on the Cities in Dust single by Siouxsie and the Banshees, was based on the "myth" of Countess Bathory. Banshees guitarist John Valentine Carruthers states, "She (Siouxsie) was reading this book about Countess Bathory, called Was Dracula A Woman? or something. She used to (sic.) bath in the blood of virgins in the vain hope it would keep you young".
  • The song Transylvanian Bloodlust by Canadian Black Metal band Funeral Fog from their album Under The Black Veil, 2003.
  • Lady Liz by Italian heavy metal/hard rock band Viper Kiss
  • Elizabeth by Ukrainian gothic/neoclassical band Emelyan XIII, from the Viata De Moarte EP, 2010.

Bands named after Elizabeth Báthory include:

  • The influential Swedish black metal band Bathory take their name from Elizabeth, and mention her in some songs, one being "Woman of Dark Desires".
  • The Ohio hardcore/thrash band, Erzsebet Bathory, take their name from Elizabeth.
  • The Dutch black metal band Countess take their band name from Elizabeth's title. They also covered the song Countess Bathory, originally by Venom.
  • American band Ellsbeth take their name from Elizabeth. They released a concept album about her named "Well Dressed Killing Machine" in 2009.
  • German heavy metal band Elisabetha take their name from her.
  • Mexican heavy metal band Erzsebeth take their name from her and released a concept album about her named "La Condesa Inmortal" in 2007.
  • Colombian black metal band Erzebet take their name from her.
  • American gothic metal band Erzebet take their name from her.

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