Elements of The Cthulhu Mythos - Fictional Locations

Fictional Locations

Name What or where Ref.*
Arkham A city in Massachusetts. PH
Brichester A town in England. UH
Carcosa On the shores of Lake Hali, on a planet in the Hyades. IH
Celephaïs A city in the Dreamlands. CE
Commoriom The capital of Hyperborea. TS
The Court of Azathoth At the center of the universe. AZ
Cykranosh The planet Saturn. DS
The Dreamlands In another dimension. CE
The mountain Dunkelhügel Near Freihausgarten, Germany. DM
Dunwich A village in Massachusetts. DH
Elysia The homeland of the Elder Gods. TC
G'harne A primeval city in Africa. CS
Glyu-Uho The star Betelgeuse. S4
Hyperborea A now-vanished kingdom in Greenland. TS
Ib A pre-human settlement in Mnar. DC
Innsmouth A coastal town in Massachusetts. SI
Kadath The home of the Great Ones. OG
Kingsport A coastal town in Massachusetts. FE
K'n-yan or Xinaián Blue-litten realm beneath Oklahoma. MO
Ktynga A large comet near Arcturus. FV
Kythanil A double planet. TG
The Plateau of Leng A cold, arid plateau. HO
Lomar An ancient region. PO
L'gy'hx The planet Uranus. IS
Miskatonic University In Arkham, Massachusetts. WR
Mnar Probably in the Dreamlands. DC
Mu A sunken continent. OE
The Nameless City A buried city. NC
N'kai A lightless cavern beneath Yoth
(or possibly underneath Mt. Voormithadreth).
Olathoë A city in Lomar. PO
Pnakotus A primeval city in the Great Sandy Desert in Australia. ST
Name What or where Ref.
Vale of Pnath In the Underworld. EM
R'lyeh The sunken island/city where Cthulhu is entombed. CC
Sarnath A destroyed city in Mnar. DC
Shaggai A planet orbiting twin emerald suns. HD
S'glhuo, Gulf of An alternate dimension. PL
The Plateau of Sung
(or "Tsang"?)
Possibly a region of Leng. HF
Thuggon A planet. IS
Thyoph A planet. IS
Ulthar A cat-laden town in the Dreamlands. CU
Uzuldaroum A city in Hyperborea. TS
Valley of Do-Hna In Xinaián (K'n-yan). MO
Valusia The ancient land of the Serpent people. HK
Mount Voormithadreth Four-coned extinct volcano in Hyperborea; contains the Cavern of Archetypes and the Web of Atlach-Nacha. SG
Xiccarph ? MZ?
Xiclotl The sister planet to Shaggai. IS
Xoth A binary star. PN
Yaanek / Yarak Legendary mountain/volcano at the North Pole. UL
Yaddith A planet. TG
Mount Yaddith-Gho Dwelling place of Ghatanothoa in Mu. OE
Yaksh The planet Neptune. PN
Yekub A planet in a distant galaxy. CF
'Ygiroth In the Dreamlands. YG
Y'ha-nthlei An undersea city. SI
Abyss of Yhe In a Muvian province. HC?
Yian-Ho, or Yian A deserted city. TG
Ylidiomph The planet Jupiter. UA
Yoth Red-litten cavern beneath K'n-yan. MO
Y'quaa A gray-litten cavern, the dwelling place of Abhoth. HG
Yuggoth The planet Pluto. FY
Vaults of Zin In N'kai. EM
Zothique A continent in the distant future. EN
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