Electra The Electric Train - Electra's Components

Electra's Components

  • Krupp - is the Armaments truck and Electra's body guard. In the Later London version he raced with Nintendo the Japanese engine. He was cut from the US and UK tours.
  • Volta - Electra's freezer truck and original race partner. Her look is cool and elegant, a very classy lady but she can be scary when angered.
  • Joule - Starting out as Electra's animal truck, Joule is one of the trucks who has changed the most since the show's opening. Now as the dynamite truck, Joule is the most sensual of Electra's cars. She has been seen pole dancing at the edge of the stage and when Ruhrgold, her London racing partner lost their race, she spanked him all the way off stage.
  • Wrench - Electra's repair truck. She has a temper and can be rather scary when angered. Although a female character, she has been cast male in the German production over recent years.
  • Purse - Electra's most valuable car, his money truck. He also serves as a messenger. He doesn't race. His anthropomorphic tendencies and tickovers are based on his being an accountant. He also has, if you can get close enough to look, a coin in the palm of his hand.

The components costumes, headresses and make-up are just as fantastical as Electra's, following very similar ideas for fabric and embellishments.

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