Electra The Electric Train - Actors



  • Jeffrey Daniel
  • Tom Jobe
  • Maynard Williams
  • Koffi Missah
  • Christian Hughes
  • Greg Ellis
  • John Partridge
  • Richard Mylan
  • Chris Lennon
  • Spencer Stafford
  • Grant Anthony
  • Chris Copeland


  • Ken Ard


  • David Michael Johnson

First US Tour

  • Eric Clausell
  • Michael Demby Cain


  • Eric Clausell
  • David Michael Johnson
  • CE Wallace Jnr
  • Koffi Missah
  • Mykal Rand
  • John Eric Parker
  • Andreas Wolfram
  • Paul Hazel
  • Robert S Drummond III
  • Paul J Dudley
  • Richard Woodford
  • Leon Maurice Jones
  • Gareth Bretherton

Japan Tour

  • Mykal Rand

Las Vegas

  • Anthony T. Perry
  • Eric Clausell
  • Regi Jennings


  • Jaime Rojas

On Ice

  • Hank Green

Second US tour

  • Dustin Dubreuil

UK Tour

  • Mykal Rand
  • Kris Manuel

New Zealand Tour

  • Mykal Rand/Matthew Pike

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