EJ Di Mera and Sami Brady

EJ Di Mera And Sami Brady

Elvis Aron "EJ" DiMera and Samantha Gene "Sami" Brady (also known by the portmanteau EJami for EJ and Sami) are fictional characters and a pairing from the American soap opera Days of our Lives. Since 1993, the role of Sami Brady has been portrayed by actress Alison Sweeney. James Scott has portrayed the role of EJ DiMera since the character was introduced as an adult on the show on May 30, 2006. Over the course of their turbulent relationship, Sami and EJ have had two children together, Johnny and Sydney, been married once, and nearly married again on another occasion. As of January, 2013, the pair tentatively reunited - although the character of Sami Brady was still emotionally attached to her former husband, Rafe Hernandez.

The pairing is noted for a controversial storyline in which EJ is considered to have raped Sami. They are also noted for being a popular pairing.

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