Effects of Hurricane Ivan in The Lesser Antilles and South America

The effects of Hurricane Ivan in the Lesser Antilles and South America included 44 deaths and over $1 billion in damage (2004 USD), primarily in Grenada where it was considered the worst hurricane in nearly 50 years. Hurricane Ivan developed from a tropical wave on September 2 and rapidly intensified to become a major hurricane, passing through the southern Lesser Antilles on September 7 with winds of 125 mph (205 km/h). At the time, its tropical storm force winds extended outward up to 160 miles (260 km) with hurricane force winds outward to 70 miles (110 km), and the northern portion of the eye passed over Grenada.

In the region, the worst damage occurred on Grenada, where the damage total of $1.1 billion (2004 USD, ($1.35 billion 2013 USD) represented 200% of its GDP. The hurricane damaged more than 14,000 homes in the nation, and 30% of the houses in the nation were destroyed which left about 18,000 people homeless. A total of 39 people were killed by the hurricane on the island. Elsewhere, moderate damage was reported in northern Venezuela, where at least three fatalities were reported. One person died each in Trinidad and Barbados. The name Ivan was later retired.

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