Eduardo Montes-Bradley

Eduardo Montes-Bradley is a writer-filmmaker born July 9, 1960. He has written and directed biographical film portraits on writers, composers, artists and intellectuals. His documentary Samba On Your Feet, a study on the origins of Samba traditions in Brazil, gained the recognition of African American Studies departments in campuses across the US. Most recently, the Virginia Film Festival premiered Julian Bond: Reflections from the Frontlines of the Civil Rights Movement. He was awarded a Silver Condor in 2002 for his portrayal of Osvaldo Bayer in "Tells of the Helmsman" (Los cuentos del timonel). Montes-Bradley has written biographical essays on Julio Cortázar, Osvaldo Soriano, Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Maria Ocantos, as well as numerous articles for newspapers and magazines. Montes-Bradley resides in the United States since 1978, and has become an American citizen.

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