Edinburgh - Twinning Arrangements

Twinning Arrangements

The City of Edinburgh has entered into 11 international twinning arrangements since 1954. Most of the arrangements are styled as 'Twin Cities', but the agreement with Kraków is designated as a 'Partner City'. The agreement with the Kyoto Prefecture, concluded in 1994, is officially styled as a 'Friendship Link', reflecting its status as the only region to be twinned with Edinburgh.

  • Munich, Germany (1954)
  • Nice, France (1958)
  • Florence, Italy (1964)
  • Dunedin, New Zealand (1974)
  • Vancouver, Canada (1977)
  • San Diego, United States (1977)
  • Xi'an, China (1985)
  • Kiev, Ukraine (1989)
  • Aalborg, Denmark (1991)
  • Kyoto Prefecture, Japan (1994)
  • Kraków, Poland (1995)
  • Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia (1996)

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