ECA may refer to:

Government and government agencies:

  • Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, a part of the United States Department of State
  • Economic Cooperation Administration, a former United States government agency
  • European Chemicals Agency, an agency of the European Union
  • European Court of Auditors, an institution of the European Union
  • United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, a commission to encourage economic cooperation among African countries
  • Export credit agency, a financial institution with intermediation functions between national governments and foreign companies


  • European Communities Act 1972 (UK), an act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom
  • European Communities Act 1972 (Ireland), an act of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament)
  • Early case assessment, the estimation of risk and cost to prosecute or defend a legal case


  • ACES Educational Center for the Arts, an arts school in New Haven, Connecticut, USA
  • Escuela Campo Alegre, an American international school in Caracas, Venezuela
  • Edinburgh College of Art, an art school in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Education Corporation of America, a company running schools in southern USA states
  • Escola de Comunicações e Artes (School of Communication And Arts), of the University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Evangelical Christian Academy (disambiguation)
  • Evangel Christian Academy, in Shreveport, Louisiana

Medicine and anatomy:

  • ECA stack, a drug combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin
  • External carotid artery, a major artery
  • Emergency care assistant, an ambulance driver in the United Kingdom


  • Ecosystems Climate Alliance, an alliance of eleven NGOs committed to keeping natural terrestrial ecosystems intact
  • Electronic Cigarette Association, a trade association for the electronic cigarette industry
  • Electronic Components Association, ECA represents designers, manufacturers and suppliers of passive and electromechancial electronic components, connectors ,wire and cable, component arrays and assemblies, and materials and support
  • Entertainment Consumers Association, a membership organization representing North American video game consumers
  • European Cheerleading Association, an association representing cheerleading in Europe
  • European Club Association, an association of European football clubs, which was founded in January 2008
  • European Cockpit Association
  • European Canoe Association, the European governing body for canoeing

Science and technology:

  • Electrical circuit analysis, an aspect of Network analysis
  • Embodied conversational agent, a type of embodied agent in artificial intelligence
  • Enterprise Collaboration Architecture, a standard of the Object Management Group
  • Event condition action, a principle to define triggers in a database
  • Elementary cellular automaton, a class of simple mathematical models of spatially extended systems
  • Ethyl cyanoacrylate, a type of glue


  • Easington Catchment Area, a group of natural gas fields in the North Sea
  • ECA International, a consulting firm
  • Elemental Cost Analysis, a method of recording which enables the cost of a scheme to be monitored during design development; see Elemental cost planning
  • Eurocypria Airlines
  • Electronic Arts, a computer-game company
  • ECA Services, an industrial and medical computer supplier
  • Europe and Central Asia, an abbreviation used by the World Bank