Eastern Beach (Victoria) - Later Years

Later Years

The area began a slow decline from the 1960s, with its popularity declining as a result of increased motor car ownership giving Geelong residents easier access to ocean beaches. Later decades of neglect saw the area fall into disrepair.

This decline was arrested in 1993, when the City of Greater Geelong announced plans for the restoration of the area. Partial funding of the works came from public 'purchasing' a plank in the swimming enclosure boardwalk. The enclosure was rebuilt, and the swimming pool, kiosk, and change rooms refurbished. The Beach House restaurant was also opened on the upper level of the kiosk building.

The late 1990s saw the original diving tower reinstated at the ocean end of the swimming enclosure after an absence of many years. However, the rebuilt structure was altered from the original design, omitting access to the topmost level due to injury concerns.

The redevelopment was the first stage of the Waterfront Geelong developments that have continued along the shore of Corio Bay.

The beach hosts many festivals and concerts year round and also hosts the annual Geelong Carols by the Bay concert hosted by Denis Walter.

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