East Branch North Fork Feather River - Course Landforms

Course Landforms

Triple watershed headwaters

The East Branch North Fork Feather River headwaters begin along ~46 mi (74 km) of the Sierra Crest from the triple watershed point with the North Fork (Bear Valley Creek headwaters) across Diamond Mountain (Indian Creek), Black Mountain, and the Middle Fork triple point.

American Valley

The American Valley is a Sierra Nevada landform along Spanish Creek, a source tributary of the East Branch North Fork Feather River. Tributaries of Spanish Creek in the valley include Greenhorn Creek, and the valley has an elevation of ~3,410 feet (1,040 m) and population of ~6,500 (Quincy population is 1,950). Settlers drained the valley's wet meadows for cattle and hay production, and its stream channels are deeply incised (Beavers were nearly eliminated).

Indian Valley

The Indian Valley is an alluvial valley of the East Branch North Fork Feather Watershed along lower Indian Creek. Communities in Indian Valley include Greenville and Taylorsville. In 1946, California's Division of Water Resources issued the Report on Water Supply and Use of Water on Indian Creek Stream System.

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