Dyer may refer to:

  • dyer (occupation), a person who is involved in dyeing


  • Dyer, Arkansas, a town
  • Dyer, Indiana, a town
    • Dyer (Amtrak station)
  • Dyer, Nevada, a village
  • Dyer, Tennessee, a city
  • Dyer, West Virginia, an unincorporated community
  • Dyer County, Tennessee
  • Dyer Bay, Maine
  • Dyer River, Maine
  • Dyer Plateau, Palmer Land, Antarctica
  • Dyer Point, Ellsworth Land, Antarctica
  • Dyer Island (disambiguation), several islands
  • Dyer Avenue (disambiguation), two streets, one in New York, the other in Hong Kong
  • Camp Dyer, Rhode Island, a temporary camp used during the Spanish American War
  • Dyer State Wayside, a rest stop in Oregon
  • 78434 Dyer, an asteroid


  • Dyer (surname)
  • Dyer Ball (1796-1866), American missionary and doctor in China
  • Dyer Lum (1839-1893), American anarchist labor activist and poet
  • Dyer Pearl (1857-1930), American businessman

Other uses:

  • USS Dyer (DD-84), a United States Navy destroyer
  • Dyer Observatory, an astronomical observatory in Brentwood, Tennessee, owned and operated by Vanderbilt University
  • Dyer baronets, two baronetcies in the Baronetage of England
  • Dyer Boats, built in Warren, Rhode Island
  • DYER-TV, a Philippine television station

Famous quotes containing the word dyer:

    Below me trees unnumbered rise,
    Beautiful in various dyes:
    The gloomy pine, the poplar blue,
    The yellow beech, the sable yew,
    The slender fir that taper grows,
    The sturdy oak with broad-spread boughs.
    —John Dyer (1699–1758)

    My mind to me a kingdom is;
    Such present joys therein I find
    That it excels all other bliss
    That earth affords or grows by kind.
    Though much I want which most would have,
    Yet still my mind forbids to crave.
    —Sir Edward Dyer (c. 1540–1607)