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Chandra was a native of Kerala, a state of India. He was an professor of computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before becoming a member of the crew of the Alexei Leonov on its mission to Jupiter. His role was to reactivate the HAL 9000 computer so that the Discovery could return to Earth under his guidance. He is the principal designer of the HAL computer, as well as its mentor (it is suggested in 2010 that he was already working on the next generation HAL computer, HAL 10000). Dr. Chandra probably has no family or children; it is remarked several times during the novel of '2010 that he is "alone". HAL's admonition that any error on his part could only be attributed to one thing, "human error", may imply that Dr. Chandra's oversight was responsible for HAL's mischief.

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