Downloadable Content

Downloadable content (DLC) is additional content for a video game distributed through the internet by the game's official publisher. Downloadable content can be of several types, ranging from aesthetic outfit changes to an entirely new, extensive storyline, similar to an expansion pack. As such, DLC may add new game modes, objects, levels, challenges or other features to a complete and already released game.

In the case of episodic video games, a new episode may come in the form of downloadable content, whereas music video games utilize this media to offer new songs for the players. Downloadable content became prevalent in the 21st century, and especially with the proliferation of internet-enabled, sixth-generation video game consoles. Special edition re-releases of games often incorporate previously released DLC along with the main title in a single physical package.

Video game publishers sometimes offer a DLC "season pass", which allows users to purchase all of the downloadable content for a video game at a lower price than it would cost to buy each one separately. Users can also buy such a season pass before the availability of its respective DLC; in this case, the player will get access to the content as it is released.

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