Douglas - Places


  • Douglas, Queensland
  • Douglas, New Brunswick
  • Douglas, Ontario, a community in Admaston/Bromley township
  • River Douglas (Lancashire)
Falkland Islands
  • Douglas, Falkland Islands
  • Douglas, Cork
Isle of Man
  • Douglas, Isle of Man, the capital of the dependency, and seat of the House of Keys
New Zealand
  • Douglas, Taranaki
  • Douglas, Canterbury
Northern Ireland
  • Douglas, County Antrim, a townland in County Antrim
  • Douglas, County Tyrone, a townland in County Tyrone
South Africa
  • Douglas, Northern Cape
  • Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway
  • Douglas, South Lanarkshire
  • Douglas Castle, South Lanarkshire
  • Douglas Water, Lanarkshire
  • Glen Douglas, Argyll and Bute
United States
  • Douglas, Alabama
  • Douglas, Alaska
  • Douglas, Arizona
  • Douglas, Georgia
  • Douglas, Chicago, Illinois
  • Douglas, Indiana
  • Douglas, Massachusetts
  • Douglas, Michigan
  • Douglas, Olmsted County, Minnesota
  • Douglas, Nebraska
  • Douglas, North Dakota
  • Douglas, Oklahoma
  • Douglas, Wisconsin, a town
    • Douglas Center, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community
  • Douglas, Wyoming

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