Doro Theou

Doro Theou is an album by popular Greek artist Katy Garbi, released in 1999 by Sony Music Greece. The album went gold in Greece within a month of its release, and was finally certified platinum in 2003, selling over 50,000 units. "Doro Theou" is dedicated to Garbi's son, because when the disc was released, Garbi was pregnant. The album contains 6 tracks composed by Giorgos Theofanous. Other notable composers on this album are Antonis Vardis and Christos Nikolopoulos. There are two covers too. The first is "Agkyres" based on song "Iste hendek, iste deve" and the second is "Zileia" based on Amr Diab's song "Kalast feek kol alkalam". Although, "Doro Theou is considered as one of Garbi's best albums, it was not so successful because of her pregnancy and her inability to promote it.

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