Don Patch - Relationships


Don Patch holds close relationships despite his selfish personality. His followers the KoPatch view him as their loving father despite his dislike of their desire to be with him. He becomes a friend of Bobobo, despite his constant usage of Don as a shield. He is also very close friends to Softon and Hanpen. Despite Hanpen kidnapping him, Don Patch became his best friend. It was Hanpen who caused Don Patch to enter his most powerful form after he became the first to sacrifice himself to protect him. Despite how he acts, he does show some care for Beauty, protecting her when she was attacked by bad bard, one of the six cyber knights. Normally he couldn't care less for Heppokomaru/Gasser but once after the battle against the first cyber knight he wanted to help Heppokomaru/Gasser get away from the cyber knights when he made a commercial about him. He also is good friends with Hatenko who thinks Don Patch is amazing.

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