Don Patch - Attack Styles

Attack Styles

Don Patch are first and foremost as powerful Wiggin: a the former leader of the Wiggins gang, he excels in battles where, like Bo-bobo, he utterly confuses his opponent to submission. Many of his confusing attacks vary wildly from joining the bad guy to turning into a female to doing the most outlandish and absurd things possible. Most of his Wiggin attacks seem to be alongside Bo-bobo, who usually takes the lead in the creation of a Wiggin style with Don Patch following along. However, there have been many times where Don Patch either takes the main initiative or fights alone, throwing around his confusing Wiggin style to anyone who stands in his way. However, sometimes Don Patch is a forced to be reckoned with.

Other than his Wiggin abilities, Don Patch does have various other attack abilities at his disposal. One of his most frantic attacks involves the use of his fists to pulverize his enemy in a rapid-fire attack. He occasionally can extend the spikes around his body to pierce anyone standing within his radius. He also can detach the spikes in order to inject enemies with an extract that turns them into an idiot. Another of his more well known abilities is a power of transformation, where Don Patch transforms into another object that assists either in battle or in his Wiggin maneuvers. It is through transformation that he can also fuse with Bo-bobo, turning into a tiny piece of candy that the afro warrior can slip through his mouth and absorb through the power of his Wiggin style and his Fist of the Nosehair. Finally, Don Patch has been known to use weapons, but usually all of the weapons that he carries around are actually green onions that he thinks is a weapon (such as the Don Patch Sword or the Don Patch Hammer).( Some fans believe it to be a minor parody of Hatsune Miku,whos iconic item is a leek, or green onion, probably not since the manga series had ended before the vocaloid was even produced.)

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