Docklands Light Railway Rolling Stock

Docklands Light Railway rolling stock is the passenger trains and service vehicles (collectively known as 'rolling stock') used on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), which serves the London Docklands area in the east of London.

The passenger stock consists of high-floor, bi-directional, single-articulated electrical multiple units. The trains are formed from sets of 2 or 3 semi-permanently connected cars, the increase to 3-car trains being introduced progressively on the busiest routes in 2010, following substantial platform extension works. The trains are fully automated and have no driver, but a Passenger Service Agent (PSA), and titled the "Train Captain" in the system's earlier years, is in attendance in each train and can take control at a driver's console if required.

There have been three different main types of DLR rolling stock, but only two of them (the B90/B92/B2K fleet and the B07 fleet) are in operation; the original P86/P89 stock having been withdrawn in 1991/1995 and sold to a German operator in Essen.

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