Doble A & Nales "Los Presidentes" - Doble A's Musical Career

Doble A's Musical Career

Doble A has been working with Luny and Tunes before their move to Puerto Rico. Back then the reggaeton scene in Lynn "City of Sin" (the city from where he is from) was small, but very rich in talent. Doble A has known Luny from way back when the reggaeton movement was hardcore in Puerto rico, and it is still going strong. A lot of them were trying to make reggaeton music, rap or had groups; so they had their own movement back then. They even had competitions against one another.

One of the most profound events in the reggaeton movement of Massachusetts was Luny and Tunes’ choice to relocate to Puerto Rico. Those who stayed behind continued with their own lives, including Doble A. When Luny and Tunes moved from Massachusetts Doble A kept on doing his own things. He stepped away for like 5 years and took care of personal stuff, and even had a child before he came back to work with his music again. Even though he was with Luny and Tunes before they left, he followed a slightly different path to get here. Over the years he kept in touch with Luny; however he felt it was just not meant to be for him to be at that time. The path he took brought him work with N.O.R.E. and SPK, and Doble A is even part of N.O.R.E.’s most recent production.

Doble A Corliones produced at least 4 or 5 tracks intended for “Los Benjamins", alongside co-worker and production partner "Nales". However Doble A has stated that just because you do a track for an album doesn’t mean that it will automatically be included. Many of the songs presented to Luny for “Los Benjamins” were not chosen for this instance of “Los Benjamins.” Fans are optimistic that Luny will release even more hits by reggaeton artists like Tego Calderón and Daddy Yankee. No matter what, fans are looking forward to whatever creativity Doble A brings to reggaeton. His work has been featured on Hector El Father's single "Here we Go Yo" feat. Jay-Z from the album Los Rompe Discotekas, where he and his co-producing partner, "Nales", worked for the first time together, later becoming the producing duo better known as "Los Presidentes".

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