Dicky, Dickey, Dickie, or plurals may refer to:

  • Dickey (garment), a type of false shirt-front
  • Dicky (name), and persons with the name
  • Dickey (name), and persons with the name
  • Dickie (name), and persons with the name
  • Dickies, a brand of clothing
  • The Dickies, a musical group
  • USS Dicky (SP-231), a boat
  • Trunk (automobile), a storage space in a car

Famous quotes containing the word dickey:

    I have just come down from my father.
    Higher and higher he lies
    Above me in a blue light
    Shed by a tinted window.
    —James Dickey (b. 1923)

    Farm boys wild to couple
    With anything with soft-wooded trees
    With mounds of earthmounds
    Of pine straw will keep themselves off
    Animals by legends of their own:
    —James Dickey (b. 1923)

    who knows when what correct young woman must take up her body
    And fly
    —James Dickey (b. 1923)