Diane Kurys

Diane Kurys (born December 3, 1948) is a French filmmaker and actress. Several of her films as director are autobiographical. Born in Lyon, Rhône, France, her parents divorced when she was a child. She began as an actress with Jean-Louis Barrault's company. She gained film stardom, but didn't like the roles she was given or taking orders from others. With a government grant, she made her first film as director, Diabolo menthe (1977) (aka Peppermint Soda), which explored her life as a child of divorced parents, and focused on her relationship with her sister, to whom she dedicated the movie.

Cocktail Molotov (1980) was her next film. In Coup de Foudre (1983) (aka Entre Nous), the divorce issue is revisited, with Isabelle Huppert playing the heroine's mother. Kurys made her first English-language film, A Man in Love, in 1987. C'est la vie (aka La Baule-les-Pins) (1990) returned to her alter-ego leading character's adolescent years. Huppert also appeared in Après l'amour (1992) (aka Love After Love). À la folie (aka Six Days, Six Nights) (1994) examined the relationship between two adult sisters. She also directed the period film Children of the Century (1999). Her latest film is Sagan, made in 2008, which stars Sylvie Testud and Pierre Palmade.

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