Device - Technology


  • Machine
  • Tool
  • Gadget
  • Improvised explosive device (IED)
  • Appliance (disambiguation), a device for a particular task
  • A component of personal computer hardware
  • Peripheral, any device attached to a computer that expands its functionality
  • Electronic component
  • Nuclear device
  • Device file, an interface of a device driver

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Famous quotes containing the word technology:

    The real accomplishment of modern science and technology consists in taking ordinary men, informing them narrowly and deeply and then, through appropriate organization, arranging to have their knowledge combined with that of other specialized but equally ordinary men. This dispenses with the need for genius. The resulting performance, though less inspiring, is far more predictable.
    John Kenneth Galbraith (b. 1908)

    The successor to politics will be propaganda. Propaganda, not in the sense of a message or ideology, but as the impact of the whole technology of the times.
    Marshall McLuhan (1911–1980)

    Technology is not an image of the world but a way of operating on reality. The nihilism of technology lies not only in the fact that it is the most perfect expression of the will to power ... but also in the fact that it lacks meaning.
    Octavio Paz (b. 1914)