Detention may refer to:

  • School detention, a form of punishment used in schools
  • Detention (imprisonment), imprisonment of someone guilty or suspected of a crime
  • Detention (2003 film)
  • Detention (2010 film)
  • Detention (2011 film)
  • "Detention" (Cold Case episode), episode 58 (3.12) of the television series Cold Case
  • Detention (TV series)
  • Detention basin, an artificial flow control structure that is used to contain flood water for a limited period of a time
  • Remand (detention), the keeping in custody of an arrested person awaiting ajudication
  • Immigration detention, imprisonment of an unauthorised person entering a country

Famous quotes containing the word detention:

    I would like you to understand completely, also emotionally, that I’m a political detainee and will be a political prisoner, that I have nothing now or in the future to be ashamed of in this situation. That, at bottom, I myself have in a certain sense asked for this detention and this sentence, because I’ve always refused to change my opinion, for which I would be willing to give my life and not just remain in prison. That therefore I can only be tranquil and content with myself.
    Antonio Gramsci (1891–1937)