Derby Bus Station

Derby Bus Station serves the city of Derby, Derbyshire, England.

The original bus station was the first purpose-built bus station in the United Kingdom. Designed by Charles Herbert Aslin, the Borough Architect, it opened in 1933. It was the first of its kind in the world, with railway-style platforms. It had an art deco cafe and diner, in which The Beatles once dined.

The station closed in October 2005 and was demolished in July 2006 following some degree of protest, most prominently from one individual who camped on the roof for several months in a final attempt to save the building, part of which is now planned to be rebuilt at Crich Tramway Museum. Following the demolition, work started in 2007 on the Riverlights development; a complex of shops, a casino, apartments, travel shop, information centre and a new bus terminal with two adjoining hotels on the complex expected to be Hilton and Holiday Inn. The new bus station opened on 27 March 2010.

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